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I designed my first site back in 1996. Since then I have worked for a number of web design studios and online corporations. While my expertise is within database programming (MySQL, PHP, XML, etc.), I have a great passion for photography and in particular Virtual Panoramas.

I am proficient in LAMP/MAMP stacks, MVC (CodeIgniter/Kohana), Jquery/AJAX, JSON and CSS. When developing database driven content I prefer to work closely with the clients to better understand the "big picture" and pay close attention to the user experience and the GUI. I am a very quick learner and enjoy learning new skills from reading and experimentation.

i build web apps


Patrick Thomas San Antonio, TX / skype:j4kp07 Photoshop, TextMate, CSSEdit, Querious, GitX PHP/OOP, MySQL, Git, CSS, Jquery/AJAX, JSON/XML Paintball, Photography, National Football League, Rubik’s Cub, Movies, Music & Games

code snippets

Simplehints: A MobileMe clone for input hints
Kohana System Configuration Hook

Checkout my Gist profile for more samples of my code.

With the majority of my recent work specializing in CMS, contact me for demo passwords.

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